To new students, returning students and apprentices both young and old: Your choice to pursue post secondary education is admirable.

Students and a teacher in a classroom

Whether you had to fly over an ocean, take a train from a different province, drive from elsewhere in Ontario or you already live in Greater Sudbury, we would like to congratulate you on the investment you are making in your future.

By pursuing further education, you’re not only learning about new subjects, you’re learning about yourself: your strengths, your weaknesses and your dreams.

We recognize how significant the choices you made are and want to extend our gratitude.  By living and studying in Greater Sudbury, you have opportunities to explore nature, embrace our multicultural arts and culture, feed your curious minds and see what true northern hospitality means.

Your school’s student associations can help you find discounts and specials discounts for food, shopping and other activities.

So whether this is your freshman year or you’re returning for another year, on behalf of the Learning City Initiative and Greater Sudbury we say "Welcome"  Please make the most of your time here, make new friends, enjoy new experiences and study hard!  We're thrilled that you're here.

Learn more. Live better.

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